Spinner Hanger Hook Systems from Pangborn Group

Pangborn Group offers the industry's finest spinner hanger hook machines from Pangborn, Pangborn Europe and Vogel & Schemmann. Find more detailed information about the offerings from each brand below.

Spinner Hanger Hook Systems

Pangborn Europe

Pangborn Europe has a number of solutions for blasting a variety of parts. Each piece of equipment is designed to handle a specific type of part or application and the Spinner Hanger (or Hook Blast) machine is no different. These blasting machines are typically designed to handle mixed loads of medium and large components which frequently include fragile or irregularly shaped workpieces. While a variety of sizes and configurations are available, a standard hook blasting machine has a generous work cylinder measuring 900 to 1300 mm with a height from 1300 - 2200mm. Standard models come with 3 wheels but more can be added as necessary for even greater coverage if warranted.

Better abrasive coverage achieved by rotating the hook under the abrasive wheel streams while stopping in 3 different positions.

Ergonomic workpiece loading thanks to lifting hooks. Self-powered trolleys also available.

Depending on the need, special hook machines are also available with work diameters up to 7m and large cranes of 50 tons or more.

Common Spinner Hanger (Hook Type) Blast Machine Uses:
  • Fragile or Irregularly Shaped Parts
  • Medium or Large Parts
  • Die Cast Parts
  • Sand Removal
  • External Finishing

Because there is no part on part contact, and due to the fact that the equipment itself can handle medium and large irregularly shaped parts, Pangborn Europe Hook Blasting machines are some of the most versatile wheel blast machines on the market today. Please contact Pangborn Europe for more information about the entire line of Pangborn Europe Hook blasting machines.

Spinner Hanger Machine type HK Data Sheet

Spinner Hanger Hook Systems


Pangborn® 2460 Spinner Hanger

The Pangborn 2460 (Turnstyle Spinner Hanger System) provides a cost effective solution for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing and peening a wide variety of products.

Advantages & Benefits:
  • Low head room
  • Better blast coverage
  • Greater abrasive flow
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Low initial investment
  • Complete blast coverage without tumbling damage or parts tangling
    • Pass Line: 2' - 7 1/4" (.8m)
    • Overall Height: 9' - 9 7/8" (3m)
    • Hook Capacity: 800 lbs (363 kg)
View/Download 2460 Spinner Hanger Sales Sheet

Roto-Spin™ II Spinner Hanger Systems - Model RS

Roto-Spin™ II Spinner Hangers are designed and built as fully integrated blast cleaning systems. They provide a cost-effective solution for cleaning, deburring, descaling, deflashing and peening a wide variety of products including:
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous castings
  • Heat treated forgings
  • Small Automotive parts
  • Die castings...and much more
View/Download Roto-Spin II Sales Sheet

Curvablast™ Roto-Spin™ All Purpose Cleaner - Model ES-1881

Ideal for cleaning castings, forgings, fabrications or heat treated parts in single or mixed loads. Even fragile or irregular shaped work can be combined with sturdy parts for simultaneous cleaning. Carrier hooks can handle pieces up to 2200lbs, and allows for mixed work loads. Versatile, economical and reliable, this machine is designed as an all-purpose blast cleaning unit.

Spinner Hanger Hook Systems

Vogel & Schemmann
Vogel + Schemmann Spinner Hanger Hook Machine

For Universal Applications like Deburring, Desanding and Descaling

V+S Spinner Hanger Hook Systems are specially suited for surface treatment and deburring of aluminium parts, descaling of forgings, and desanding of castings, especially for those work pieces which are not suitable for tumbling because of their shape or size. Several models are available with load capacities of up to 600 kg per hook. For automatic operation sequences or integration of shot blast machine into a continuous production line loading and unloading can be performed without operator assistance. In this case an industrial robot is used which also serves to link the individual manufacturing

Spinner Hanger Hook Machines Uses:
  • Fragile or irregularly shaped parts
  • Medium or large parts
  • Die cast parts
  • Sand removal
  • External finishing
Because there is no part on part contact, and due to the fact that the equipment itself can handle medium and large, irregularly shaped parts, V+S Spinner Hanger Hook machines are some of the most versatile wheel blast machines on the market today. Please contact V+S for more information about the entire line of V+S Hook Blasting machines.
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