Equipment Upgrades from Pangborn Group

Regardless of the manufacturer, Pangborn Group offers a complete line of blast machine upgrades, component upgrade kits and more from Berger, Pangborn and Pangborn Europe. Find more detailed information about the offerings from each brand below.

Blast Machine Rebuilds from Berger

Complete Machine Upgrades or Component Upgrade Kits

Our team of engineers will evaluate the efficiency of your present system and recommend and implement the most economical upgrade, while ensuring the best blast performance. Our rebuilds are designed to provide longer service life, accommodate a changing product mix, increase efficiency, meet increased production needs and improve environmental conditions.

Upgraded designs can extend the life of your current blast equipment without absorbing the costs for a completely new blast machine. The resulting efficiency and ease of maintenance will save time and money.

Rebuilds and upgrades for all brands include:

  • Wheel upgrades
  • Wheel conversion kits
  • Specialized P41 liners
  • Abrasive separators
  • Work handling systems
  • Electrical controls

Pangborn Europe Blast Machine Upgrades

Machine Upgrades or Entire Upgrade Kits

Pangborn Europe offers customers the opportunity to order replacement parts for their Pangborn Europe equipment or just about any other manufacturer's equipment. In most cases, Pangborn Europe can supply an exact fit for any manufacturer's blast equipment faster than other replacement part companies. And because many of our parts use a specialized alloy, our critical parts often out last cheaper replacement parts.

In those situations in which the entire blast wheel needs to be rebuilt in order to perform properly, Pangborn Europe will sometimes recommend an entire rebuild or upgrade. Pangborn Europe can even retrofit other manufacturer's equipment to accept one of Pangborn Europe high efficiency wheels.

The Pangborn Europe After Market staff is also available to present the proposal for machine upgradings in order to improve the performance of the machine in terms of productivity and quality and implementing new technical solutions to meet new process requirements.

Pangborn Europe staff can assist with:
  • Machine modernization for health and safety requirements (dust collectors, safety gates, acoustic requirements)
  • Machine conversions for new process requirements
  • Implementation of technological improvements for blast equipment (wheels, wheel components, control systems)
  • Design new tooling for a new product range
For additional information or assistance with your blast machine parts, please contact us.

Pangborn Retrofits and Equipment Upgrades

Increase Productivity & Reduce Maintenance Costs

Increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs – guaranteed. Lead by changes in customer needs and solidly supported by our research and engineering expertise, Pangborn® pioneered the process of retrofitting as a natural extension of our blast equipment technology.

Equipment Upgrades

A Pangborn retrofit will upgrade your equipment to take advantage of every innovation available, increasing efficiency and reducing or simplifying maintenance. Common retrofit applications include installation of new wheels, upgrading to dual wheels, and introducing newly designed separators and abrasive systems to your existing blast equipment.

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For more information or assistance with retrofits contact us.

Genesis™ Wheel Conversion Overview
Genesis™ Wheel Conversion Spec Sheet
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