Coil Spring Shot Peening Machines from Pangborn Group

Pangborn Group offers the industry's finest coil spring shot peening machines from Pangborn, Pangborn Europe and Vogel & Schemmann. Find more detailed information about the offerings from each brand below.

Coil Spring Shot Peening Machines

V+S has been leading the way in industries worldwide with the Shot Blasting Machine Type FBFe for Shot-Peening of leaf springs in pre-stressed conditions (stress-peening).

The stress peening process:
  • ... leads to significant improvement of the mechanical properties of workpieces
  • ... serves to extend the stress-load limit of workpieces significantly
  • ... permits design of light weight components
  • ... serves to increase the fatigue strength of springs between 20 and 100%
  • ... compensates manufacturing related surface defects

V+S shot peening spec sheet

Coil Spring Shot Peening Machines

Coils to leafs to valves

Pangborn Europe has a number of peening solutions that specifically target the spring peening industry. In fact, few manufacturers in the world offers the depth and breadth of product line as does Pangborn Europe. And like all Pangborn Europe equipment, our machines can be tailored to meet your exacting specifications.

Pangborn Europe Spring Peening Machines include:
  • Coil Springs Peening
  • Valve Springs Peening
  • Heavy Spring Peening
  • Leaf Spring Peening
Pangborn Europe, not only are we experts at wheel blast, we also have a long history with designing and manufacturing some of the finest peening machines the world has seen. Contact us for more information about our spring peening equipment.

Shot peening overview video

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