V+S Style Wheels

V+S 380/450 Wheel

Major features:
  • Modern, high-duty impeller wheel turbine with 8 blades incorporated in a double-disc wheel.
  • All wear parts of the turbine are made of high-alloy, hardened chromium steel.
  • Abrasive is gravity fed into the turbine, and needs no additional power supply for abrasive loading.
  • Turbine design allows for convenient maintenance, with easy access to the wheel components and main wear parts.
  • The design of the blades allow 4-times use, increasing the useful life of blades.
  • Simple design of blade locking guarantees a quick turn or change of blades.
Key safety features:

Our V+S style wheels are designed to accommodate a quick exchange of the complete impeller wheel turbine for repair or replacement. Held in place by three position bolts, the blast wheel is easily removed from the blast machine through the use of a crane or lifting hoist.
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