RK Curvane®

The RK Wheel throws more abrasive per horsepower, at a greater velocity, than any other centrifugal wheel.

Major features:
  • Heavy-duty welded steel plate wheel housing is precision bored and faced to accurately position the abrasive feed parts and spindle assembly.
  • Entire wheel housing is lined with wear resistant plates with overlapping joints to prevent abrasive leakage.
  • All wear parts are cast alloy, fully heat treated for maximum operating life.
  • One-piece spindle housing is flange-mounted directly to the machined surface of the wheel housing.
  • Double-row self-aligning roller bearings have an L-10 rating of 100,000 hours operation in maximum unbalanced condition.
  • Positively metered grease lubrication system provides foolproof delivery direct to bearings.
  • Runnerhead and drive sheave are located adjacent to bearings for smooth operation and longer bearing life. Taper-lock mounting to spindle simplifies reassembly.
  • Full-circle abrasive stream indicator with single quick-acting hinged clamp positions feed spout and impeller case, permitting fast adjustment to the blast pattern.
  • Curvane® vanes, dovetail mounted to the runnerhead, give up to twice the wear life obtainable with straight vane designs without sacrificing cleaning performance. Pin lock position prevents abrasive lock-up, making vane changes easier.
  • Unique impeller design assures accurate reassembly, thus maintaining optimum efficiency.
  • Top wear plate is fastened directly to hinged wheel housing lid, providing direct access and rapid parts replacement.
  • Compact RK wheel and spindle design allows its use in applications where space is limited and high abrasive capacity performance is required.

The Curvane® Vane

Every blast machine has its own requirements on the length and width of its blast pattern. Any abrasive that strikes the cabinet or material handling system is inefficient, causing damage and increasing maintenance costs. Any part of the work not properly covered by the blast pattern can show either spotty coverage or overblast. The Curvane® vane directs the abrasive toward the work for optimum blasting efficiency.

Pangborn Group has designed, field tested and stocked two vane styles for your 180-3 and 180-4 Curvane® Wheels, which now provide:

1) Four types of vanes to spread or concentrate your blast pattern width for optimum coverage.

2) A selection of feed parts to adjust the length of blast pattern and direct the "hot spot" exactly where it's needed.

In addition to these four vane options to optimize the pattern width,we  can provide the right feed parts for adjusting your blast pattern length. Satisfied users of Canted Curvane® vanes report reductions in barrel machine cycle times up to 20-25%. Skew Roll Machine users of our Narrow Stream Curvane® vanes have seen line speeds increase as much as 40%.

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