Galvanizing - Rolled Steel to Plate

Economic growth throughout the world drives the need for infrastructure additions and improvements in the form of bridges, pipelines, streetlights and other products. Pangborn machines are designed to enhance and strengthen the materials used for the parts and fabrications in this demanding area.

Built to accommodate a variety of sizes, weights and shapes, we have become the vendor of choice to some of the largest players in the global steel industry. Solutions for descaling coils, slabs, plates and pipes are just some of the areas where we assist customers.

Equipment for steel galvanizing applications includes:
  • Vertical plate machines
  • Horizontal plate machines
  • Skew roll machines
  • Strip descaling machines
  • Bar & billet machines
  • Slab descaling machines
Pangborn Group has long been a leading provider of wheel blast, air blast and other surface preparation solutions. Contact us today to let us assist you with your surface preparation needs.
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