Etching and Metal Mills

Pangborn Group has served the metal mills industry and other primary metal manufacturers for most of its 100 year history. Our descaling systems represent the world’s most efficient, cost effective means of mill scale removal and surface preparation to ensure the correct roughness on external surfaces.

Pangborn Group uses its engineering strength to quickly adapt to process changes and customer demands for easier operation, simplified maintenance and longer wear life. Our advancements in blast cleaning technology have made descaling equipment and components easier to manufacture, ship and install. More importantly, they are easier for customers to operate and maintain.

Our etching systems and solutions are used on the following products:
  • Plate, sheets, strip, wire, bars, billets, slab
  • Rolled and fabricated structural shapes
  • Roll etching
  • Other special applications
Pangborn Group has long been a leading provider of wheel blast, air blast and other surface preparation solutions. Contact us today to let us assist you with your surface preparation needs.
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