50th anniversary of Pangborn Europe
Tradition and Modernity - 50 years of surface technology

Under the umbrella of Pangborn Group, Pangborn Europe as a leading manufacturer in the surface preparation industry  is celebrating 50 years of successfully development and engineering in an increasingly diverse and technologically challenging industry.

Pangborn Europe was founded in 1962, and since then has been providing some of the most well designed, engineered and durable wheel blast and air blast equipments. Our excellence in design and engineering has earned us a stellar reputation across a number of industries through our unmatched combination of custom products and services, particularly those for heavy duty applications in the foundry, forge, automotive and steel industries. In addition, our on-site foundry allows us to assist our customers with a variety of parts.

"2012 isn't only the 50th anniversary of Pangborn Europe, it is also remarkable in every respect. Because we can look back into a long and successful history of our company. With right strategies, we have effectively grown over the years and gone through good and difficult times.", stated General Manager Renzo Boarino, who actively engaged the daily business of Pangborn Europe since 1988.

"In fact of our consistent focus on continuous development and market introduction of new and pioneering plant and machinery has set new standards for surface treatment  in miscellaneous industries, such as automotive industry, forge and foundry, railway industry and many others. This will ensure the future of Pangborn Europe as a leading brand in the industry. I would therefore also like to express the heartfelt gratitude to all of our employees and its excellent work and loyalty, they're the power behind our strong brand."

In 1959 the company Invictus, located in Milan (Italy), started importing and selling foundry equipment from the United States, including shot blasting machines manufactured by Pangborn Corporation.

In 1962 (the official business launch) the company moved to Caronno Pertusella, 20 km north of Milan, changed its name into Fondermatica, and started the manufacture of shot blasting machines under licence of Pangborn Corp.

In 1965 Fondermatica was purchased by Pangborn Corp., and changed its name to Pangborn Europe.

Since 2009 the brand Pangborn Europe is Part of Pangborn Group. Pangborn Group is headquartered in Fairburn, Ga., and includes following four leading brands: Pangborn, Pangborn Europe, Vogel & Schemmann, and Berger Strahltechnik.

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