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31.01.2019  |  Pangborn, a leading supplier of shot blast and surface preparation equipment, announced today the launch of their new unified Pangborn brand strategy. The strategy reflects the company’s 146-years of experience and expertise, and its vision for the future as a strong global brand.
01.06.2017  |  Fairburn, GA (01. Juni 2017) - Die Pangborn Group, Global Leader im Bereich der Oberflächenbearbeitung, freut sich Roger Stonecipher als neuen Präsidenten vorzustellen. In dieser Position ist er ab sofort für die operativen Einheiten des Unternehmens weltweit verantwortlich und wird direkt an Doug Basler, CEO der United Generations, LLC (die familiengeführte Holding der Pangborn Group), berichten.
01.02.2017  |  In today's modern production technology you will find many processes, solutions and options to handle different work pieces in the surface technology. The miscellaneous industrial applications in this special technology sector deals with the surface of solid matter.
30.09.2016  |  Für das Strahlen der inneren Hohlräume von Motorblöcken hat V+S ein neues Anlagenkonzept entwickelt. Dessen Vorteil in der hohen Flexibilität dieser Strahlanlage (GeSPE) liegt, die eine hohe Prozessqualität, reduzierte Umrüstzeit hat und somit individuell angepasste Taktzeiten ermöglicht.
01.09.2016  |  From the harsh conditions within foundries, to the high output requirements of the automotive industries, to the exacting tolerances of peening aerospace parts, Genesis® Wheels are proving that they are not only one of the most technologically advanced wheels on the market, they are also some of the most versatile.
13.11.2015  |  The Pangborn Group, a global leader in surface preparation solutions, is pleased to announce new ownership by United Generations, LLC (UG)
13.11.2015  |  Die Pangborn Group, der Global Leader in der Oberflächenvorbereitung, freut sich Ihnen den neuen Eigentümer unserer Group die United Generations, LLC (UG) vorzustellen.
01.07.2015  |  Nearly all areas of steel industries - even if it is the foundry industry, the automotive or shipyard industry or energy and power industry - needs tailor-made solutions for their special requirements in surface preparing, cleaning or finishing of parts before undergoing further processing. There are many kinds of surface preparation, such as peening, deburring, cleaning, hardening, paint stripping, roughening or sand removal  - to name but a few. Best suitable applications for all those kinds for preparing work pieces are wheel and air blasting technologies.
06.08.2014  |  Steve Cooper - Geschäftsführer von Pangborn SES (UK)
01.08.2014  |  Caronno-Pertusella, Italy (July 2014) — Pangborn Europe has recently developed two projects for the surface treatment of foundry castings, optimizing high customization and flexibility.
01.06.2014  |  For a leading worldwide operating automotive manufacturer - Pangborn Europe (Brand under the umbrella of the Pangborn Group) has been engineered by its R&D department a compact and versatile air peening machine to treat gears and gear shafts.
16.09.2013  | 

Pangborn Group, is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the Product Portfolio of Shotblast Engineering Services Ltd. (SES), a leading UK manufacturer of surface preparation capital equipment.

01.07.2013  |  Preservation lines are the ideal complete conveying systems for the treatment of various parts, such as plates and sections. Within the preservation line the parts to be treated are prepared, cleaned, shot blasted, painted and dried. The several line components are connected with each other - this assures a continuous and automatic sequence of operations during the transport of the parts through the line. 
21.09.2012  | 
18.05.2011  |  Industry veteran Dale Kroskey to lead equipment sales and distributor teams
28.02.2011  | creates a unified online presence for Pangborn, Pangborn Europe, Berger Strahltechnik and Vogel & Schemmann
22.02.2011  |  Pangborn Europe received a visit from a top level delegation of FAW foundry, a Chinese group which is one of the most important foundry group in the world.
24.01.2011  |  Metal Finishing News published an article in their January, 2011 edition covering the appointment of Henrik Jensen as President and CEO of Pangborn Group.
01.11.2010  |  Capital Equipment Resources LLC, which conducts business as the Pangborn Group, has appointed Henrik Jensen its new President and Chief Executive Officer.
14.01.2010  |  Pangborn is pleased to have reached an agreement with DeLong Equipment Company.
07.05.2009  |  Pangborn Corporation announces its innovative Genesis family of wheels. The Genesis family of wheels offers unmatched performance, better cleaning and significantly lower operating costs.
06.05.2009  |  U.S. blast wheel manufacturer joins forces with Pangborn Europe, V+S, and Berger
14.02.2008  |  Blasting equipment company needs room to grow
19.02.2007  |  Pangborn® Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of surface preparation equipment and service provider for the metals industry has improved the design of skew roll blast machines for cleaning of sucker rods, pipes, bars, gas cylinders and other round and tubular products.
31.01.2007  | 
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