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Berger Strahltechnik
Founded in 1873 as a steel foundry, Berger Strahltechnik is known today as a trusted, quality supplier of heavy duty blast machines to the foundry and forge industries, and peening equipment to the automotive industry for application such as spring peening, gear peening and more.

From the days of crushing machine and rubber preparation machine production to today’s blast machine and surface preparation solutions, Berger’s history and experience in the European market has made it a trusted brand and reliable partner.

Vogel & Schemmann
Vogel & Schemmann, founded in 1891, is a leading supplier of shot blast equipment, wheel blast equipment and air blast equipment to the foundry and metalworking industries. With more than a century of experience and history, V+S continues to pioneer effective solutions for customers throughout Europe and around the globe.

The Pangborn® Corporation was founded in 1904 when Thomas W. Pangborn developed the sandblasting process, combining compressed air and sand to clean metal by particle impact.

Today, Pangborn designs and manufactures wheel blast cleaning equipment, shot peening equipment, custom integrated surface preparation systems, and replacement parts to a variety of industries that clean and prepare metal and other surfaces. Pangborn also provides maintenance and service programs to customers to ensure efficient operation of their equipment.

Pangborn products are found in many industries and environments, including foundries, primary metals manufacturers, automotive-related manufacturers, aerospace, heavy duty machinery manufacturers and general metalworking.

Pangborn Europe
With more than 50 years of know-how, Pangborn Europe provides surface preparation and surface finishing professionals around the globe with a number of wheel blasting, shot peening and specialty blasting solutions to meet their specific needs and environments.

Pangborn Europe’s equipment and solutions are found in a number of industries, including foundry, forge, automotive, aerospace, coating, enameling, energy and power generation, metal manufacturing, railways, shipyards, defense, and aluminum smelters, among others.


Since the middle of September 2013 there is a new "family member" into the Group - Pangborn Ltd. and Shotblast Engineering Services Ltd. (SES) has joined together as Pangborn-SES. The business of Pangborn-SES is to design, manufacture, market and service Wheel Blast and Air Blast surface preparation equipment, dust collectors and related products for the surface preparation market.

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